Standard leather

All Bates Saddles feature the finest hand selected European leather. You can be confident that the leather in Bates Saddles is the best in the world and, if cared for, will offer many years of excellent service.

Standard leather

For the rider, the Bates Saddles featuring standard leather combine the comfort and luxury of double-lined soft milled leather in the seats and in the knee inserts, with the standard leather featured in the skirts and the saddle flaps.

Standard leather is available in either smooth or textured finishes, this single-lined leather features a slight resin and pigment finish to ensure added durability and a consistent aesthetic where the natural markings of the hide are less visible.

Saddles available in standard leather



All Purpose



Caring for standard leather

Please read these instructions on how to care for your new Bates Saddle.

Initially, leather balsam will not be as easily absorbed until the resin starts to break down and should be dressed on both sides of the leather. The rich patina of natural leather over time will be then be achieved.