Bates Jump and Pony Flexiblocs

Covered in luxurious Bates leather to perfectly match your Bates saddle, Bates Flexiblocs enable you to customise the support offered. Tailor the support for your individual riding position by selecting your preferred size and adhering to the fastening on the under flap of your saddle. We recommend moving the Flexiblocs up, down and on an angle until you are happy with level of support offered.

There is wide range to choose from depending on your discipline and the level of support you require. Although named according to discipline, they are all suitable for all Bates Saddles featuring front and/or rear fastening provisions and can be positioned on any angle to customise your support.

The complete range of Bates Flexiblocs:

  • Bates Dressage Flexiblocs are the largest size available
  • Bates All Purpose Flexiblocs
  • Bates Jump and Pony Flexiblocs are the smallest size available. Bates Jump Flexiblocs are also available in a particular rear style featuring a flat section of fastening for added adhesion during high impact pursuits.