Focused on your horse’s comfort and performance

The CAIR® Cushion System

The CAIR® Cushion System replaces traditional fillings in your saddle with air cushions. CAIR® air cushion technology provides significant performance advantages in the way it distributes the rider’s weight and cushions the horse’s back.

Distributes the rider’s weight: Under the rider’s weight the air cushions continually mould to mirror the horse’s individual conformation and working muscles. This ensures a close, even contact over a much larger weight bearing area and eliminates instances of pressure points.

Cushioning the horse’s back: The dynamic nature of air ensures it works in synergy with the horse’s muscles, rather than the horse’s muscles working against a static medium. Additionally, air provides the ultimate shock absorption, reducing instances of trauma to the horse’s muscles in work.

Your horse will show a marked improvement in its freedom of movement, expression and self carriage, as the CAIR® Cushion ensures its absolute comfort.

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The EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution

Your saddle can be custom fitted to your horse’s changing shape in minutes!

Together these systems offer unparalleled scope of adjustment for a total fitting solution that’s not only easy, but measurable and completely reversible, giving total confidence in easily making changes to the saddle.

Too many riders know the frustration that comes from their saddle no longer fitting, they do everything they can to improve their horses comfort by using pads under the saddle to compensate for a poor fit, or even worse have to buy another saddle, only to have the same thing happen again months later.

The EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution puts your horse’s comfort first. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your saddle offers full adjustability and is able to meet the changing needs of your horse.

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Adjustable Y-Girthing System

Regarded as the world’s leading girth system and featured in select Bates Saddles, the Adjustable Y-girthing system enables customised adjustment for your horse’s individual conformation and maximises saddle stability, as it secures the saddle from both the front and back.


Performance panel design

All Bates Saddles feature a generous panel designed to ensure a large ‘footprint’ on the horse’s back, maximising the weight-bearing surface of the saddle and resulting in a reduction in pressure per sq cm/inch and increased comfort for the horse. Coupled with a wide and even chamber, the performance panels support the horse’s working muscles, and maximise movement in the shoulder area.


Elastiflex tree

Features a rigid head to maintain clearance over your horse’s wither, while possessing lateral flexion to work with your horse’s muscular movement with every stride. The lateral flexion, combined with the unique anatomic shaping of the tree, ensures the saddle does not impede on the horse’s working muscles. Precision engineered to be lightweight, symmetrical, and ultra durable the Elastiflex tree is guaranteed against breakage for the lifetime of the saddle, deemed to be 10 years*.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Many of the design features and innovations in Bates Saddles are protected by design registrations and patents.