Riders can trust in the performance of my saddle, it is the result of significant research and development.
Young Isabell Isabell riding Satchmo

The Isabell Saddle is the result of a unique and very close partnership spanning 20 years. Isabell describes the partnership as her “longest, oldest and most favourite partnership since becoming an international rider.”

Borne from the industry leaders in saddle innovation and one of the world's most successful dressage riders, the Isabell Saddle is renowned to be revolutionary and is largely responsible for the deep seat dressage style that has become the norm among dressage competitors in the world today. The Isabell Saddle has undoubtedly been one of the most successful in the world and now the Isabell Saddle is set to revolutionise dressage performance once again.

From an early age, Isabell actively participated in the testing and development of her saddles. Her drive for perfection and her unique ability to communicate the needs of the rider and the horse, helped build a solid relationship with the research and development team.

Isabell describes her saddle as her office; spending 8 hours a day in it. This plays a pivotal role in effectively advancing her horses through their training levels and sustaining peak condition for competing at the highest level.

Four Individual Olympic medals
Four Team Olympic Gold medals
Three Times Individual World Champion
Three World Team Gold medals…
And The Isabell Saddle