My saddle is one of the proudest achievements of my dressage career.
Features for the rider and the horse

The Isabell Saddle offers revolutionary performance for both horse and rider.

For the Rider:

Rider comfort is paramount for meeting the high demands of serious dressage training and competition.

The Isabell Saddle revolutionises dressage performance for the rider, delivering the ‘perfect dressage seat’ giving the rider the feeling of sitting in the saddle and not on the saddle. No stone was left unturned in achieving an exceptionally close and uninterrupted feel of the horse, whilst effortlessly maintaining a balanced, central rider position. The difference the Isabell seat makes for the rider is immediately evident when sitting in the saddle.

For the Horse:

Every rider nurtures a unique and special connection with their horse, whereby their horse’s comfort and commitment to them is paramount. The saddle is, for the horse, of extreme importance for their comfort, muscle development and willingness to work. Much attention has been paid to developing an anatomically shaped tree and generous panel design ensuring unparalleled performance for the horse.

The Isabell Saddle is available in Bates and Wintec.