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Dressage Saddles to optimise horse and rider performance

Comfort + Communication = Synergy
Security + Optimal positioning = Total focus
Fluid communication + Comfort = Confidence

Bates Dressage Saddles are the most innovative in the world. Innovative saddle designs, combined with the knowledge and experience of world-leading Dressage competitors, has resulted in a high-performance Dressage range for all riders, whether commencing their career or competing at the highest level. On the world Dressage stage, Bates Saddles have become a phenomenon, and are renowned for the customisation of fit offered by the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution and the comfort and performance benefits of the CAIR® Cushion System. Together these systems aid in the ability to better manage horses’ backs throughout the high demands of Dressage training and competition. Experience the natural power of your horse as it is able to work freely in harmony with you, realising your true potential.

Dressage Saddles Range