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All Purpose Saddles to optimise horse and rider performance

Security + Optimal positioning = Total confidence
Fluid communication + Comfort = Freedom of movement
Feel + Optimal positioning = Balance

Bates All Purpose Saddles are the most technologically advanced in the world, delivering a new benchmark in comfort for both horse and rider. Underneath the finest European leather, the All Purpose Saddles feature all of the innovations and technology synonymous with the high performance, discipline related saddles. Rider’s will immediately feel the difference of world leading saddle design, as they experience instantaneous comfort, exceptional contact and the greater security offered by a deeper seat and supportive Flexiblocs, which can be customised for their optimal riding position. The CAIR® Cushion System, EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution and Girthing systems, combined with an anatomically shaped tree and generous panel, ensure the saddle can be customised for your horse’s optimal comfort and your peace of mind.

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