Double-lined Leather

All Bates Saddles feature the finest hand selected European leather. You can be confident that the leather in Bates Saddles is the best in the world and, if cared for, will offer many years of excellent service.

Double-lined leather

Select models feature soft milled, double-lined leather on the exterior of the saddle, renowned for its ultra-soft and grippy characteristics, ensuring immediate rider comfort, security and reducing any ‘breaking in’ time traditionally associated with new saddles.

Models featuring double-lined leather often offer additional features such as a recessed stirrup channel for the ultimate in close contact, wear patches for added durability and key innovations in rider comfort and adjustability such as an Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar. Included features will vary by model.

Saddles available in double-lined leather

Usually identified by a + symbol, the models currently available in double-lined leather include:

Bates Innova Mono+ Saddle - Classic Black

Bates Innova Mono+

Bates Isabell Saddle - Classic Brown

Bates Isabell Saddle

Bates Show+ Saddle - Classic Black

Bates Show+ Saddle

Bates Pony Show+ Saddle - Classic Brown

Bates Pony Show+

Bates Elevation+ Saddle - Classic Black

Bates Elevation+

Bates Elevation DS+ Saddle - Havana Brown

Bates Elevation DS+

Bates Pony Elevation+ Saddle - Classic Black

Bates Pony Elevation+

Caring for Double-lined Leather

Double-lined saddles will require regular dressing to prevent moisture loss and to protect the leather, particularly in high areas of wear. Treated in this manner, your new saddle will achieve the traditional, rich patina of aged, worked leather and you can expect years of excellent service from your saddle.

Please read these instructions on how to care for your new Bates Saddle.